On May 16th, 2020, LAFD was Dispatched to a Structure Fire that injured 12 of the Firefighters from LAFD’s Station 9 - Skid Row, thankfully, no lives were lost. We saw a massive wave of donations to help support the injured Firefighters and we knew we could use our platform to help support our injured brothers and sisters too. 

A huge Firefighter Alliance of Firefighter owned businesses banded together for one cause - raising money for the injured Firefighters of LAFD.

  • J5 Firelids @j5firelids

  • Bay Area Firefighter @BayAreaFirefighter

  • Leatherhead Concepts @leatherheadconcepts

  • Firewipes @FireWipes

  • Eclipse Fire Ground Concepts @Eclipseblackoutmasks

  • Stache Salt @stache.salt

  • National Fire Radio @National_Fire_Radio

  • Brothers In Battle @brothersinbattlellc

  • Direct Attack Apparel @directattackapparel

  • Golden State Leather @GoldenStateLeather

  • 2-Eleven Shields @2elevenshields

  • Muertos Coffee Co @muertoscoffeeco

  • 5-5-5 Fitness @555Fitness

Each company donated a large amount of their product and sent it to the Muertos Warehouse in Northern California. We all contributed gear in hopes of the public donating $10 for an entry into our Firefighter Owned Business Giveaway. We were hoping to raise maybe $1,000… we were shocked and overwhelmed to see donations reach close to $5,500 with many donating over $100 each! 100% of the proceeds were distributed to our injured brothers and sisters through the  Los Angeles Fire Department Widows, Orphans, & Disabled Firefighters Fund. 

We wanted to thank all the Firefighter owned businesses for working together in this time of need and all the good samaritans out there who donated and got involved in the giveaway.