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Our Brand

Dia De Los

The Day of the Dead comes from an Aztec Tradition of honoring lost loved ones in November. As First Responders, we deal with loss of life and Line of Duty Deaths far too often. The tradition of Never Forgetting and honoring individuals that have made the Ultimate Sacrifice is why our brand resonates with the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos.

Our Journey

From Mexico
to around
the nation

Muertos Coffee was started by Eli and Doug with a goal to provide better Coffee in Firehouses. With Family history in philanthropy they both knew that Coffee was a platform for them to build community and unity by giving back. It all began by Doug smuggling a Coffee Roaster from Tijuana, Mexico and placing it in Eli's Families garage. They have since grown to serve Coffee with a Cause around the Nation. Now currently working with a list of Foundations and Associations around the Country. Please see our Donate page for more information.

Our Vision
Use Coffee as a platform to make a difference by supporting Foundations and Associations across the Nation.
Our Mission
Dedicated to Supporting Firefighters, First Responders, and Communities in need around the Nation.
Our Values

Proudly Supporting

CEO / Founder

Eli Held

Eli is from Vacaville, California. He has been in Emergency Medical Services for 11 years and the Fire Service for 6 years. Currently, he works for the Folsom Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Eli started Muertos Coffee with childhood friends with the intentions and desire to make a difference and give back! From his early childhood, he watched his parents always care about others more than themselves and felt they would give the shirt off their backs to others if they could. Eli has taken pride in having these qualities himself. This Company has given Eli the ability to directly help others. It has also given him the ability to make a huge impact in the Fire Service, which is all he’s known in his professional career.

Eli’s first major experience in the Fire Service was his Fire Academy in 2013. He had the opportunity to lead 45 recruits as 2nd in command and finished the Academy with honors. When he’s not responding to calls, he’s involved with “Fill the Boot” Fundraisers for Firefighter Burn Institute! Muertos Coffee is now Eli’s opportunity to help build the Fire Family!

President / Founder

Doug Walker

Doug is from Vacaville, California. He has been in the Beverage Industry for 10 years, Roasting Coffee for the last 3 years and couldn’t go 1 day without Coffee.

Doug started Muertos Coffee with his childhood friend, Eli. After having a beer with Eli in his brewery office, it was clear they were on a mission to provide Fire Stations better coffee and use their coffee as a vessel to build the Fire Family and help support others in the Community.

Doug, Doug Sr., and Fredo went on a dangerous voyage to pick up a commercial roaster in Tijuana. Long story short, they still don’t know how they were able to find the roaster or how they were able to get it across the border… let’s just say they got held up in customs for a few hours! From that day on, Muertos was born!

Muertos Respresentative

Jo Snider

Jo is a Firefighter Paramedic for Kelseyville Fire Protection District. She is a small town girl, born and raised in her home town of Kelseyville. She has been an advocate for her community, heading local department fundraisers, and preschool education programs through the department. She is also the head of Kelseyville Fire’s training program.

Jo is an adventure seeker in life, always trying to find new ways to live life to the fullest. Being extremely family oriented and considered one of the boys, her 3 brothers and Dad shaped her into the tomboy she is. She’s raced pavement cars and dirt mini outlaws growing up, and is currently an avid dirtbike rider. Firefighter fitness has always been of the most importance to Jo, as she understands strength can be a limitation for females in this field. Jo joined Muertos Coffee for her undeniable love of coffee and community involvement.

Muertos Representative

Brian Centoni

Brian grew up in Castro Valley, California. Brian is a 3rd Generation Firefighter, an 18 year Veteran of the Alameda County Fire Department and is currently at the rank of Engineer/Paramedic. He is well known in the Community for helping host many charity events as a member of the IAFF LOCAL 55. Brian is also very involved in Charity and Firefighter events around the country and is excited to spread his passion for the Fire Service through Muertos Coffee.

Muertos Representative

Jacob Maxson

Jacob was born in Delaware, Ohio. He comes from a hard-working family with roots in the Dairy Industry across the U.S., Jacob works for Oakland Fire Department as a Firefighter and has been in Fire Service for 7 years. He’s a loving Husband and Father who is dedicated to making a difference in his community! As a member of the Muertos Fire Family, he strives to help anyone who needs a helping hand.



Ryan grew up in Gardena, California. He started his journey in the Fire Service in the Medical field where he has 10 years of experience. He has 5 years in the Fire Service with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He takes pride in volunteering and teaching programs such as Bellflower Unified School District EMT Program, UCLA Paramedic School, and the Ronald McDonald House. As a part of the Muertos Team, he’s excited to take his passion for the Fire Service to the next level throughout LA County!



Before starting his career in the fire service, Mark spent 8 years as a jet mechanic in the U.S. Navy. Then spent the next 12 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve and retiring May 2018 with over 20 years of service. 

Continuing his call for public service Mark began his journey in the Fire Service. In 2002, Mark started with a Volunteer Department in San Diego County, while going to school to earn his Fire Science degree from Southwestern College. In 2006 he started the fire academy with a large San Diego area fire department. Nine years later Mark earned the rank of Fire Engineer. Mark currently lives in Chula Vista with his wife and 3 boys.



Cliff is a Federal firefighter for the United States Navy, serving for 23 years. He is also a Navy Veteran serving for 7 years.  He was born and raised in Southern California and is the father of 5.  

When Cliff isn't spending time with his family, he enjoys participating in a variety of recreational and competitive activities. He is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, avid marathon runner, Ironman, and long time Firefighter Combat Challenge competitor.

Cliff is the CEO/Founder of “USS BATTLE SERIES” , a functional fitness competition that brings a new level of awareness in terms of health, fitness, and well being for our military, first responders and those in the local community that support our brave men and woman. He looks forward to hosting challenging events in some of the most incredible locations throughout the United States.



Ben grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. He has been in the fire service since 2014. He is a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Richardson Fire Department at station 4 which is the special operations station. They specialize in technical rope rescue, swift water rescue, trench rescue, and vehicle extrication. He loves his job and serving the community.

On his off days he enjoys doing CrossFit, hunting, and traveling with his wife. He is excited about joining the Muertos Coffee family and the opportunities to help his fellow brothers and sisters in need.



Tim grew up in Southern California (Orange County) and has been involved with the fire service since 2001. He started as a fire explorer with Santa Fe Springs F&R. After EMT school/Fire Academy through El Camino College, he was hired on as a Volunteer Firefighter with CalFire Riverside where he served for 5 years. In 2012 he became a government contractor for the department of defense in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  After multiple deployments overseas, he moved to Las Vegas where he currently works as a firefighter/Paramedic for Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue we’re I serve on multiple committees including the firefighter safety Committee. Tim is excited to work with a company that puts such a large emphasis on giving back to the community as well as the brothers and sisters in the fire service.



Originally from Southern California, Brad moved to the Bay Area to join the San Francisco Fire Department. Previously, he served five years with the United States Navy, including two deployments to Iraq. He worked as a helicopter Search and Rescue crewman and Rescue Swimmer.

Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance from Long Beach State University and Associates Degrees in Economics, Communications and Fire Science.

Brad is excited to help Muertos Coffee connect with the fire service and veteran community.  



Jesse has been with the Los Angeles Fire Department for the last five years as a Firefighter. He was born and raised in San Diego, CA. Jesse has been in the Fire Service for 17 years. In his off time, for the past 6 years he's been a Lead Fire instructor for Lincoln High School Fire Science program, grades 9-12. He volunteers his time as the Lincoln High School football trainer and runs an after school program “All About Fitness” targeting troubled youth. He's also a head coach for Lincoln High School Varsity baseball team alongside another Firefighter from San Diego. Jesse is excited to not only bring his drive to help the community but his passion for the Fire Service to the Muertos Team.



Creston grew up in Chandler, Arizona. He began his career in the fire service in 2002. Since 2005, he has been serving as a Phoenix Firefighter. He is currently assigned to Squad 44 which is part of the Technical Rescue/Hazardous Materials Teams. Creston has a passion for the job, training and honoring tradition. As part of the Muertos Coffee Family, he’s excited about the opportunity of supporting community charities while taking care of his fire service brothers and sisters. 



Levi was born and raised in Denver, CO and works in the Denver Metro area. A first generation firefighter. He is involved in multiple programs including the fitness committee, gear committee, and Wildland team. Outside of the fire department, he works  side by side with 555 Fitness and travels throughout the country promoting firefighter fitness and providing fitness grants. You also might see him in promotional ads for Brute Force Sandbags.

On days not working, he is most likely on his motorcycle, working out, or spending time with family. He’s the cover model of the 2020 Colorado Firefighter Calendar. It is the #1 Firefighter Calendar in the world. They raise money for the Colorado Children’s Hospital burn unit and burn camps by doing signings and charity events. To this day, efforts have raised more than $700,000.