Muertos Coffee Co.

Coffee strong enough to wake the dead

As First Responders we know how important a fresh cup of Coffee is! Day or night we have you covered with Fresh to Death Coffee that is Strong enough to Wake the Dead!

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find the answers to your questions

Do I have to be a First Responder to have a Subscription?

No! You don't have to be a First Responder. We have subscriptions set up for everyone. We have options for at home or the office for your whole team no matter the location.

What are the types of Coffee you offer?

We currently have Medium up to French Roast. We have plans to continue to grow our product offerings.

How much grounds do I use to make best tasting Coffee?

A general guideline is called the "Golden Ratio" - one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. This can be adjusted to suit individual taste preferences.  

Check the cup lines or indicators on your specific brewer to see how they actually measure. And remember that some water is lost to evaporation in certain brewing methods. 

Do you have DeCaf?

We do not currently have Decaf. But we are working on carrying this option in the near future.

How do I know what Roast to choose?

Roast is all preference. Coffee goes through many stages in the Roasting process. It starts as a green bean and is Roasted based on the goal of the Roaster from Light to Dark. Light and Medium Roasts are often more floral and fruity in taste which are called "Notes". Dark to French Roasts tend to be more Bold in Coffee Flavor with Chocolate and Caramel Notes. If you have more questions let us know via email and we would be happy to teach you more.

Do you have wholesale Coffee?

We do! Please reach out and inquire for wholesale options. We look forward to working with you.

What Roast has the most Caffeine?

Lighter Roasts hold the most Caffeine content. The more the Green Coffee bean is the less Water and Caffeine content the bean retains. So Dark roasts will have Less Caffeine than Dark.

How does our Foundation get involved with Muertos Coffee?

Please reach out to , He will be happy to talk to you about supporting and learning what you do as an organization.

How do I edit my Subscription?

To edit your subscription you can easily do it online! 1. Log into your account, 2. Click Manage Subscriptions, 3. Click Edit/ Add Product, 4. Once you have made the edits to your liking, click "Submit" and your new subscription setting will be saved.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

To cancel your subscription you can easily do it online! 1. Log into your account, 2. Click manage subscriptions, 3. Click edit, 4. Scroll down to the bottom and click cancel subscription and confirm.