12oz Trio

$38.97 $31.18

Tired of having to refill coffee all the time? Get our Variety 12oz Trio so you are always dialed for the week ahead. You get a mixed package which includes all 3 signature blends that are Direct Trade and Locally Roasted.

American Cancer Society- Light Roast (Ground)

  • 50% Costa Rican La Sonrisa 
  • 50% Brazil Naturally Processed 
  • 12oz
  • Ground Coffee

48 Hour Blend- Medium Roast (Ground)

 Leatherhead Blend- Dark Roast (Ground)

  • 50% Costa Rican El Indio
  • 50% Colombian Alma del Café (Excelso)
  • 12oz
  • Ground Coffee
  • Deep smoky flavor with hints of berry, dark chocolate and peaches.  Powerful flavor elements combine to produce a powerful heavy profile.