Who We Are

Welcome to Muertos Coffee! We are Firefighters from California with a passion for coffee and dedication to our communities that led us to come together to create Muertos Coffee.

We take pride in the quality of our products and take even greater pride in the way we are able to serve our Community and First Responders across the country. Whether it’s our freshly-roasted coffee or our philanthropic efforts, our ultimate goal is to be there for those who are always there for us.

Meet the Team

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Eli Held

CEO / Founder
Eli is from Vacaville, California. He has been in Emergency Medical Services for 11 years and the Fire Service for 6 years. Currently, he works for the Folsom Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic.
Eli started Muertos Coffee with childhood friends with the intentions and desire to make a difference and give back! From his early childhood, he watched his parents always care about others more than themselves and felt they would give the shirt off their backs to others if they could. Eli has taken pride in having these qualities himself. This Company has given Eli the ability to directly help others. It has also given him the ability to make a huge impact in the Fire Service, which is all he’s known in his professional career. Eli’s first major experience in the Fire Service was his Fire Academy in 2013. He had the opportunity to lead 45 recruits as 2nd in command and finished the Academy with honors. When he’s not responding to calls, he’s involved with “Fill the Boot” Fundraisers for Firefighter Burn Institute! Muertos Coffee is now Eli’s opportunity to help build the Fire Family!

Doug Walker

President / Founder
Doug is from Vacaville, California. He has been in the Beverage Industry for 10 years, Roasting Coffee for the last 3 years and couldn’t go 1 day without Coffee.

Doug started Muertos Coffee with his childhood friend, Eli. After having a beer with Eli in his brewery office, it was clear they were on a mission to provide Fire Stations better coffee and use their coffee as a vessel to build the Fire Family and help support others in the Community.

Doug, Doug Sr., and Fredo went on a dangerous voyage to pick up a commercial roaster in Tijuana. Long story short, they still don’t know how they were able to find the roaster or how they were able to get it across the border… let’s just say they got held up in customs for a few hours! From that day on, Muertos was born!

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Brian Centoni

Muertos Representative

San Francisco | Bay Area

Brian grew up in Castro Valley, California. Brian is a 3rd Generation Firefighter, an 18 year Veteran of the Alameda County Fire Department and is currently at the rank of Engineer/Paramedic. He is well known in the Community for helping host many charity events as a member of the IAFF LOCAL 55. Brian is also very involved in Charity and Firefighter events around the country and is excited to spread his passion for the Fire Service through Muertos Coffee.

Jacob Maxson

Muertos Representative

Napa Valley | Bay Area

Jacob was born in Delaware, Ohio. He comes from a hard-working family with roots in the Dairy Industry across the U.S., Jacob works for Oakland Fire Department as a Firefighter and has been in Fire Service for 7 years. He’s a loving Husband and Father who is dedicated to making a difference in his community! As a member of the Muertos Fire Family, he strives to help anyone who needs a helping hand.
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Ryan Lowrie

Muertos Representative

Greater Los Angeles Area

Ryan grew up in Gardena, California. He started his journey in the Fire Service in the Medical field where he has 10 years of experience. He has 5 years in the Fire Service with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He takes pride in volunteering and teaching programs such as Bellflower Unified School District EMT Program, UCLA Paramedic School, and the Ronald McDonald House. As a part of the Muertos Team, he’s excited to take his passion for the Fire Service to the next level throughout LA County!

Nick Marra

Muertos Representative

Santa Cruz Peninsula | South Bay Area

Nick is from Gilroy, California. Nick comes from a family of Firefighters. He is a 2nd Generation Firefighter, following in the footsteps of his father, a Division Chief. He works as an Engineer/EMT for the City of Menlo Park in the San Francisco Bay Area and is involved in multiple programs within his Agency and Community. Nick is a driven, compassionate, dedicated individual who is ready to give back with the Muertos Coffee Family.

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Our Vision

To become the Coffee for Fire Stations & First Responders across the Nation

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Support the Brothers & Sisters of the Fire Service, First Responders, and Communities across the Country using Coffee as our platform

Our Values

Loyalty, Dedication, Tradition, and Sacrifice

Quality that Counts

While our Mission and Values are integral to our company, it’s the unrivaled quality of our Coffee that’s set us apart. Our Coffee is roasted weekly to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible. We’ve dedicated years crafting the perfect blends, rich in flavor and aroma, ethically-sourced, directly from farms we’ve partnered with.

Thanks to our meticulous bean selection and roasting processes, Muertos is guaranteed to satisfy your palate and stimulate all your senses, whether you prefer medium or dark roasts. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!


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