Welcome to Muertos Coffee Co. We specialize in providing high-quality, subscription-based Coffee for Fire Stations, First Responders, and consumers nationwide. Our Direct Trade Coffee is roasted weekly in California for freshness and flavor.

As Firefighters, we strongly believe in giving back. We’re committed to donating a portion of proceeds to Individuals in Need, Line-of-Duty Deaths, and Victims of Fire.


Strong Enough to #WakeTheDead

OUR MISSION IS TO SUPPORT THE first responder family

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Detroit Firemen's Fund Association

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Muertos Coffee in Action


Great coffee, Supporting firefighters and they give back too 👏 Can’t wait to continue to see all the positive that comes what this organization believes in!

Willow A.

Drank thousands of cups of coffee at the firehouse, most of it was less then memorable. Yours is second to none. Retired now but enjoying your great coffee. I look forward to it every morning. thanks

Michael G

I live in Portland and commuted to SFFD for 26 of my 28 years and the coffee and beer sucked in my hometown of San Francisco. The firehouse coffee was strong for all the wrong reasons but it was very symbolic. Thank you for taking the boldness and giving it true flavor! I now serve your coffee in our ski vacation rentals and everyone says that the coffee is a true NorthWest brew!

Joe H

Phenomenal coffee and the owners are first class. They truly take care of every one of their customers.

Kody K.

As a firefighter myself, I see what these guys are doing and it is truly something special. Thank you for the great coffee and great service.

Tim B.

Coffee is great, the mugs are awesome and the gear is sweet 😎 good job and keep it up 

Trenton T.

Awesome guys! Support your firemen owned businesses! Great coffee and awesome shirts!

Glen S.

I tried your Fill The Boot K-Cup today and it was awesome! It was one of very few  K-Cup's  that stood up to a full 8 ounces of water and was still dark, rich and full bodied. 

Fred K.

Some of the smoothest and best coffee I have tasted! Way better than Deathwish & Black Rifle.

Jacob S